The history of ALDI

In 1914, Anna Albrecht opened a small food store in the mining town of Essen, Germany.

In 1945, her sons Karl and Theo took over the business and by 1948 there are 4 locations.

In 1954, the brothers open their first self-service store in Essen-Schonnebeck, a first in Germany.

By 1954, there are already 100 locations in Germany.

Albrecht + Discount = ALDI

1962 “Albrecht Discount” is shortened to “ALDI”, and by 1967 there are over 200 ALDI South locations.

In 1976, ALDI makes its debut in Southeastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

ALDI expands to Great Britain in 1990, Ireland in 1999, Australia in 2001 Slovenia in 2005 and Hungary in 2008.

By 2013 there are over 1,200 U.S. locations in the U.S., including 4,000 locations worldwide – with plans to actively expand.