Our Philosophy

What if a grocery store challenged the typical retail business model?

Our unique business model enables us to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. This value stems from the numerous efficiencies and innovations we’ve instituted at every level of our operation.

Our stores offer the customer over 1,400 of the most commonly purchased grocery and household products in the most common size – in a smaller, more manageable environment designed with sustainable, long-term savings in mind.

  • Customers bring their own bags or buy our reusable bags to save money
  • Innovative cart rental system helps keep prices low and eliminates time spent retrieving carts
  • Modest store size plus eliminating non-essential grocery store services means ALDI captures the very essence of conservation and savings for customers
  • Specially designed packaging doubles as product displays, saving time and money on stocking and replenishment
  • In-house distribution network streamlines operations and maximizes efficiencies, resulting in even greater savings for customers
  • Not operating 24 hours a day lowers labor, energy & rent costs, with savings passed on to customers

What’s the ALDI difference?

More than 90 percent of our products are ALDI exclusive brands – each produced to meet or exceed the quality of national brand names. All of our exclusive brand food products are backed by our Double Guarantee, which replaces the product AND refunds the customer’s money if they’re not completely satisfied.

Our exclusive brand approach means consumers pay less for high quality products. We use our concentrated buying power and savings from our operational efficiencies to price our groceries at up to 50 percent less than the national brands.