Name: Sarah

Years at ALDI: 13

Role: Director Of Administration

I began as a summer intern prior to my senior year of college before joining ALDI full time as a District Manager trainee. I was then given my first district in the Dayton, Ohio area. I was promoted and began training for the Director of Administration position. I relocated to the Saxonburg Division for my permanent assignment as the Director of Administration and in December, 2008 I was offered the opportunity to serve on the National Administration Committee.

The most important thing about my internship was that it gave me an opportunity to sample the District Manager position and helped me find out that ALDI was a good fit for me. Day by day, the internship gave me the opportunity to see the life and career of a District Manager.

At every level, ALDI offers its employees opportunity, responsibility and rewards. At the District Manager level, it offers real-world leadership experience that could take a decade to gain at most other companies, while helping the employee to gain management, decision-making and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.